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We started Per Diem because we believe that local businesses are the lifeblood of our communities, and want to give them the same subscription tools the biggest brands use to help them serve their customers.

Our mission is to help build stronger relationships between neighborhood businesses, and the communities they serve.

As a subscriber to a local business, you get the convenience and peace of mind of knowing that your favorite coffee beans or pastry box is right around the corner.
Merchant Tools

What does Per Diem do?

  • Help your business generate recurring revenues through monthly and annual subscriptions.
  • Work with merchants of all sizes to deliver frictionless customer experiences.
  • Give you the marketing and fulfillment tools to build a direct, meaningful connection with your best customers.
One Acre Farm
One Acre Farm in Dickerson, MD
Console Tools

Build a site for your developer-first tech product.

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The people behind the product

Tomer Molovinsky, CEO, Co-founder

Tomer Molovinsky

CEO, Co-founder
Doron Segal

Doron Segal

CTO, Co-founder

Francisco Hernandez

Front-end developer

Eno Desmond

Back-end developer

Manuel Cepeda

Front-end developer

Anas Waqar

Front-end developer

Victor Mwania

Back-end developer

Ara Gabrielli Guevara

Business development

Victoria Kroon

Business development

Per Diem is growing. Grow with us.

We’re a 100% remote company. We think you can work for a great company and live wherever you want.

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