How Plomo Quesadillas Won Over Gen-Z With Square Loyalty


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Owning a local fast-food spot means you're always on the lookout for ways to keep your customers happy, especially the young crowd. You've probably tried all marketing tricks to get your name out there, but what really matters is making your customers feel valued. The formula? Integrating a mobile app with the right point-of-sale system, where you can offer your customers special perks and rewards that keep them coming back for more. And who better to illustrate the potential of this approach than Plomo Quesadillas, a Dallas-based local afterparty hotspot, that has found its groove with Gen Z, turning chicken quesadillas into an unforgettable experience. 

Hook Them Young: Plomo Quesdilla's Winning Loyalty Strategy

It's no secret that becoming a go-to spot for a specific audience, especially in the ever-evolving world of restaurants, can be a formidable challenge. Plomo Quesadillas' journey to becoming a local restaurant sensation didn't happen overnight. It took six years of dedication, smart strategies, and a dash of tech-savviness to become the go-to choice for their target audience. Here's the inside scoop on their impressive transformation:

To win over Gen-Z, Plomo Quesadillas implemented an innovative loyalty strategy centered around their Per Diem mobile app integrated with Square POS, they created an unparalleled customer experience that has made them the popular choice for college students and young professionals. 

Integrating Square POS for Seamless in-App Ordering

Plomo Quesadillas enhanced their customers' experience by choosing Per Diem for their mobile app which comes with Square POS integration, allowing seamless in-app ordering and payment. This integration offers customers the convenience of placing orders on the go and choosing between pickup or delivery.

Earn rewards for every purchase

With the Square loyalty program, customers can earn loyalty points for dollars spent which they can redeem for free menu items or merchandise. This incentive program taps into customers’ desire for instant gratification and rewards.

Skip the queue

Skipping the line is a breeze for their customers as they can place orders through the app for either pickup or delivery. This feature is a hit among those with tight schedules, providing an efficient way to enjoy their meal and reducing the stress on the staff simultaneously. 

Flexible ordering options

Plomo Quesadillas offers flexible ordering options, allowing customers to either pick up their orders in-store or have them delivered through DoorDash Drive integration. This versatility caters to diverse needs and schedules. 

Operational Efficiency

Per Diem’s integration with Square POS and DoorDash allowed Plomo Quesadillas to handle all parts of the ordering and delivery process in-house. This improved operational efficiency, giving them greater control over the customer experience. Since their largest customer base consists of college students who frequently order in-store, pick up, or get delivery, managing the entire process internally is crucial to providing good service.

By teaming up with Per Diem and DoorDash, Plomo Quesadillas is no longer reliant on large third-party companies to facilitate deliveries and payments. They can now customize the experience to best suit their needs and offer customers. This innovative strategy of converting third-party orders into first-party orders through strategic partnerships and technology integrations has been key to their success. 

Transitioning Third-Party Orders Into First-Party Business

To effectively convert third-party delivery orders into first-party business, restaurants must focus on providing an unparalleled customer experience. Plomo Quesdalla has achieved remarkable success in this area through its app’s integration with Square POS and DoorDash Drive.

Integration with Square POS

Integrating the Plomo Quesdilla mobile app with Square POS has streamlined the ordering process for customers. Orders placed through the app are instantly received by staff, enabling quick preparation and pickup. For Plomo Quesdilla, this integration provides valuable customer data and insights to improve operations and tailor promotions. They also prominently advertise the app on their website through pop-ups and catchy banners, appealing to customers' desire for a fast, convenient experience.

DoorDash Drive Partnership

To provide delivery services without relying on large third-party companies with hefty commission fees, Plomo Quesadillas' partnership with DoorDash and Per Diem, allowed them to offer delivery under its own brand. This strategy gives Plomo Quesadillas greater control and flexibility over delivery fees and the customer experience.

By focusing on an enhanced customer experience through unlimited app-only loyalty incentives, digital integration, and delivery partnerships, Plomo Quesadillas successfully converted a large portion of third-party orders into first-party sales. Their innovative strategies and focus on operational efficiency have positioned Plomo Quesadillas as a popular choice among people seeking convenience and value. 

Final Thoughts

When Omar launched Plomo Quesadillas, he knew he had to do something creative to stand out in a sea of taco and burrito joints. By utilizing technology and strategic partnerships, they have crafted an experience uniquely tailored to today's youth. The rewards and convenience offered through their app have gained users resulting in a loyal customer base. If you are having trouble winning over your customers then it would be wise for you to follow their lead. Meet your customers where they are - on their phones - and give them an experience worth coming back for. 

Plomo Quesadillas has shown how technology can enhance tradition, how partnerships can multiply success, and how small details create big rewards. Most of all, stay true to your roots. Plomo's success proves that when you start with ingredients people crave, the rest will follow.