Give your customers a perfect meal, time after time.

Your restaurant is about the whole experience. Per Diem for restaurants streamlines payments between you and your customers through House Accounts so that you can focus on serving perfect plate after perfect plate. Whether you’re looking to launch your store or optimize your current offerings, harness the power of repeat orders and recurring revenue with Per Diem.

Whether you’re serving a sit-down meal or packing things for pickup, Per Diem gives you the tools to drive repeat business. Per Diem for restaurants syncs with leading POS providers on the market, including Square.


Powering neighborhood businesses

How Per Diem Works

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Mural City Coffee Company | Increased coffee bean recurring shipping orders 2x
Norman's Farm Market | Increased AOV to more than 50%
Laune Bread | 55% of members purchase weekly add-ons
IXV Coffee | 150% increase in coffee subscriptions