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From farmers markets to coffee shops, Per Diem offers a complete solution to power your subscription business.

How it works

Get started in minutes

Create an account online in minutes and use our dashboard to securely accept payments from your website. We’ll deposit your funds directly into your bank account. 

Generate more revenue

Build repeat business and increase average order value using time-based promotional tools to help you perfectly time your next campaign. 

Streamline your operations

Being the only subscription platform that combines on-site pickup, local delivery, and national shipping for your subscription business, Per Diem makes it easy for you to launch new products and fulfill them seamlessly. 

"Per Diem has built software to handle things like ordering, pickups/deliveries and payments."

Get started the right way

Keep your best customers coming back

Per Diem provides flexible scheduling options to power subscriptions at your venue that elevate the guest experience.

House accounts

Want to create a stronger bond with your guests? House accounts by Per Diem allow you to give your guests the old school hospitality they deserve packaged up in a modern interface your staff can easily manage.

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Recurring orders

Kickstart a product-based subscription with weekly and monthly fulfillments. Give your customers the flexibility of skipping a week and full control of how they want to renew their subscription.

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More ways to build relationships

In-store pickup

Create multiple pickup locations in just a few clicks and offer maximum convenience to your customers. 

Local delivery

Set fixed delivery times to increase your efficiency, reduce your stress, and boost your profits.

National shipping

Go the extra mile by meeting your customers where they are. Add shipping fees to your subscription offerings in no time.


Per Diem’s subscription platform lets you sell subscriptions from anywhere in the world. 
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