Back End Engineer


Services Team at Per Diem

The Engineering team includes Data, IT, Security, and Software, and is responsible for building innovative products and infrastructure for Per Diem and our customers.

We believe that engineers should accelerate the business through technology, and collaborate across multiple teams to accomplish that.

We hire smart people who can be autonomous.

We're looking for value inclusivity, eager to learn, teach and constantly improve how things work. The software we build today is the foundation for dozens of Per Diem systems in the future, so engineers have a strong sense of ownership and accountability and take pride in their craft.

What you’ll do

Our team is responsible for building, maintaining and monitoring the infrastructure upon which other teams build Per Diem's products.  We must also evangelize for, and educate other teams about our infrastructure, and best practices for running their services on top of it.

This includes our storage systems, Kubernetes clusters, messaging queues, and other critical cloud based infrastructure components.

As we’re operating at the most foundational levels of Per Diem, our team’s work has a cascading effect on the entire company.  


  • Manage and optimize Per Diem'sCloud Infrastructure provisioning systems
  • Develop services in support of Per Diem Infrastructure Product Vision
  • Operate core systems of Per Diem Infrastructure to ensure highest levels of reliability
  • Work closely with other engineers to design, operate and scale their systems
  • Evangelize best practices both internally and externally


  • Experience working in AWS (or GCP) & Kubernetes environments
  • Experience working with SQL or NoSQL databases
  • Familiarity with software engineering development cycles
  • Experience working with at least one backend programming language (e.g. Golang, Node.js, Python)
  • Ability to hold yourself and the team to high standards
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills

Bonus points

  • Strong writing skills
  • Proactive approach