Getting started

With Per Diem, you can create a professional online store to showcase your subscriptions online, sell your products, and fulfill them seamlessly using our merchant dashboard. 

How subscriptions work

With subscriptions, you collect payment details and charge customers before fulfilling the orders. After the initial charge, you continue to charge customers the same fixed price for the same subscription at regular intervals. Most subscription platforms charge your customers on a fixed monthly basis, which isn’t in tune with the way a business with physical products can run. Instead, Per Diem’s recurring billing is based on product fulfillments.

So let’s say you’re offering bread subscriptions at your bakery. You can set up your program so that your customer prepays for four loaves of Challah , which are fulfilled every Friday at your downtown location between 10 am - 6 pm. Since this is a 4-loaf subscription, once your customer picks up the fourth loaf their subscription will automatically renew. Because the subscription renews based on fulfillment, this gives your customers the flexibility to skip a week when they need to.  

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