Front of House

The front of the house is the area where customers come into contact with customer-facing employees. This part of the restaurant may include hostess stations, dining rooms, counters, and patios, depending on the size and scope of the restaurant. The people who work in the front of the house, such as servers or bartenders, are responsible for communication, customer service, and hospitality. They're expected to dress and look a certain way according to the restaurant's standards.

This is where guests interface with staff, so it's important to keep everything clean and organized so as not to make a bad impression. The entryway, waiting area, and host/hostess stand should be well-maintained. The bar should be clean and tidy, and the dining room should be welcoming and accessible. Outdoor seating areas should also be well-organized and inviting.

The front of house in a restaurant is responsible for creating a great experience for guests, from greeting them at the door to taking their payment. Front of house staff includes hosts/hostesses, servers, bartenders, sommeliers, and food runners. The front of house manager and general manager oversee everything in the front of house to make sure everything runs smoothly.

The Marketer's Guide to the Restaurant Industry