Back of House

The back of house is where food preparation, storage, and business administration take place. This is the part of the restaurant customers don't see, and is where food is ordered, stocked, prepared, cooked, and plated. The back of house includes the kitchen, prep areas, and manager's offices.

The back of house of a restaurant generally has a hierarchical system, with the kitchen manager at the top, followed by the executive chef, sous chef, line cooks, expeditor, and dishwasher. The kitchen manager is responsible for hiring and managing staff, and the executive chef is responsible for menu planning, food ordering, and inventory cost. The sous chef supervises kitchen staff and trains new hires, while the line cooks are each responsible for a specific station in the kitchen. The expeditor keeps orders organized and flowing smoothly out of the kitchen, and the dishwasher washes all dishes and utensils.

The Marketer's Guide to the Restaurant Industry