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What Does Add to Cart Mean?

Suppose you are browsing through an online store, and you like a product and decide to subscribe to it. The next step you’ll have to take is to select that product and add to shopping cart.

This means you will add the selected product to the list of items that you plan to purchase from that website. Everything that you add to the shopping cart will be shown to you at the checkout page. During checkout, you will finalize which of the items from the shopping cart you want to buy right now, and those are the items you will be charged for.

The option to add to cart is usually mentioned right below each product. The concept is similar to buying things at a retail store. When you buy groceries, for example, you don’t take the items you want to buy one by one to the cashier counter. Instead, you take a trolley and fill it up with everything that you’re buying, and then push the whole trolley with all your selected items in it in front of the counter. This makes it easier for you to pay for all the things that you want to buy in one shot. It also helps you check the items off your shopping list as you put them into the trolley one by one and make your shopping experience more organized.

Similarly, if you were grocery shopping online and the add to cart concept did not exist, you have to make too many transactions to buy all the items on your grocery list. But, again, this would not be convenient for the reasons given below.

  • Your credit card would be charged too many times.
  • You would need to keep going back and forth from the products page to the checkout page.
  • You might get confused in the process and forget to buy a few of the items on your list.
  • It would waste a lot of your time.
  • You would probably get annoyed with the online shopping process.

That’s why the ‘add to cart’ feature is there for the rescue on almost all e-commerce sites. You can easily choose the products you want to buy, put them all into the cart, and then pay for them in one shot when you get to the checkout page. Using shopping cart buttons also enables you to benefit from the merchandising and sales offers available on the online store. When you buy products in bulk, for instance, you might be provided with a discount on your checkout as part of the store’s ongoing promotion.

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